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Two Martinis

It's best if guest don't make their own drinks...

Prestige Events Service LLC provides more than just amazing drinks for your event; we provide an amazing experience. Be a guest at your own event! Let us take care of everything with the bar. You supply the drinks, we'll make the magic happen. We also cater to your unique drink requests to ensure all your select favorites are at the top of the menu. We are the premier choice for all of your mobile bartending needs throughout North Texas. We strive to ensure that you, as well as your guests, enjoy any event!

Thirsty? Let's Drink!

Why You Need A Professional Bartender

So why should you hire a professional bartender? The list is long but let's start with the essentials. Bartenders know their drinks; your guests don't (most of the time). Even if they're familiar with the terms Manhattan or Martini, the likelihood they know how to make them is low. Let's assume they do. How well is it made? Does it taste like something out of this world? Again, probably not. And why should they? We're the drink experts. We're trained to do this, and we take our job seriously. You and your guests are there to have fun. All you should have to do is order up and enjoy

Not to mention, we actually can save you bank. That's right. Hiring us prevents guests from draining the supply too soon. We know how to keep the drinks monitored, guests happy, and estimate the appropriate measurements. It's a win-win. We bring a little pizazz, too, with smiles and helpful suggestions for curious drinkers. Finally, it's your special day. You deserve to have a team devoted to ensuring your wedding reception or event is a memorable hit.

Bartending services

Bartending Services

When you want to let loose and have a good time, entrust your bartenders at Prestige Events Service LLC to deliver. We specialize in crafting tasty beverages for open bars. Just foot the bill for the alcohol and we'll make the best drinks you've ever tasted. Perfect for weddings and big birthday bashes, we keep your guests entertained and the good times coming!

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Fun. Personable. Professional. That's what you can expect from Prestige Events Service LLC. We bring the party to you by providing professional bartending services. We arrive onsite of your event and keep the fun and drinks coming!

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Ready to start the party? Then book your bartender with Prestige Events Service LLC today! Click here to request our services or give us a call at (903) 423-0253. We proudly service all of the Dallas and Fort Worth area, and remember, we're mobile! Book your event today and we'll bring the bartending services to you.
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